JAG AB 2.0

In JAG AB 2.0, Kjell Enhager gives concrete examples of how to take on the busy everyday life with work, family and relationships. Come, experience and be inspired by Kjell's entertaining and unique stories about the way to create a strong, happy and successful life. The super success of the 90:s, JAG AB, seen by hundreds of thousands of people, have finally got a sequal.

Konkreta exempel

Nyttiga övningar och konkreta exempel på hur man kan ta sig an hela livspusslet. Arbetshäfte med alla övningar ingår så att du kan fortsätta att arbeta på egen hand där hemma.


Har setts av tusentals åskådare runt om i landet.

"Inspirerande, mycket bra föreläsning. Många bra tankeställare och tips för att stärka sig själv."
Födelsedagsbarnet, besökare

The difference that makes the difference

How you can specifically and decisively change and create new possibilities within your private and professional life. How we focus on the positive, and learn from what doesn’t work… Think for a moment. What would you like to see less of in life, and what would you like more of? If there was a guarantee that that would happen, what would that be worth?




Jag AB 2.0 i Göteborg

18:30 - 21:30 Lorensbergsteatern
I JAG AB 2.0 ger Kjell Enhager konkreta exempel på hur man kan ta sig an hela livspusslet med arbete, ekonomi, familj och relationer samt få tillvaron att fungera på ett optimalt vis.



Do you and your company need help setting up goals and gain insight how to get there?


Illusions and solutions

This book (in English)  is about you and your life’s journey. It’s your experiences and thoughts that will make the difference, from now on and for the rest of your life. The store is only available in Swedish.