Leadership and coaching

What is it that makes some people and companies reach so much further than others? What’s the recipe for success? One of the most important roles of a leader is to coach employees. It’s about making a journey from the current situation to a desired position. As a business consultant, Kjell has helped companies grow and become more successful. He has also worked as a mental coach for the successful Swedish national women’s golf team and some of the world’s best tennis players, equestrians, skiers and adventurers. His method includes focusing on solutions instead of illusions –  to pay attention to what you do well and avoid getting caught up in negative thought patterns, like recalling past failures.

Book Kjell for your company!

Do you and your company need help setting up a target, finding a goal to strive for and getting the insight into how you can achieve it? Do you want to get the tools and the ideas that can help everyone in your organization act more responsibly and work towards a desired position?

Kjell tailors his training and lectures to your company’s specific needs. Some of the topics that he covers are vision, value-based leadership, team training, change processes, efficiency, motivation and communication. The length and content can be varied –  from an hour-long speaking engagement to several years of continuous training.

Past and present clients…

Academic work, AQ Group, Alfa Laval, Apotket Hjärtat, Arcona, ATG, Atlas Copco, Autoliv, Avanza, Balouba, Bensinhandlarna, Bilia, Bjurfors, Bridgelandslaget, Byggnadsfirman Viktor Hansson, C2C, Canidator, Carlsberg, Chalmers Högskola, Citybutikerna, Clarion Choice Hotel, Concept, Departement of Neurosurgery, Econova, Ericsson, Erik Olsson Fastighetsbyrå, Eriks of Sweden, Exportrådet, Finnish Golf Tour SEB, Frölunda Hockey, Gofab, H&M, Harry ́s restauranger, Hemlösa, Hereco, Hotell Skansen Båstad, Husqvarna, HV71, Högfjällshotellet Sälen, Ica, ICore, IFK Göteborg, Ikano Bostad, Itrim, Jönköping Kommun, Kocklandslaget, Kunskapskompaniet, Leventa, LÓreal, Malmö Symfoniorketser, Mc Donalds, McKinsey & co, Mentor, Mittuniversitetet, Mårtensson Bil, Mäklarsamfundet, Navigio, NK, Nordea, Ocean Group, PGA of Denmark, PwC, Rejlers, Sandvik, Sankt Jörgens sjukhus, SAS, Scandic Hotels, Skanska, Smile & Co, Smurfit Kappa, Sportson, Spotify, Stadium, Storvreta Innebandy, Strålfors, Svenska Äventyr, SVT, Swedese, Synsam, Sävehof Handboll, Tetra Pak, Tui, Vasaloppet, Vedum Kök, Volvo Penta, Västerviks sjukhus, Widerlöf & Co, Yesp, Åhlens m. fl.